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Re: [Rollei] Ni Me Hy Batteries on 3003

> I would be intersted in the INFO on using regular lithium batteries to power
> the Rollei 3003camera.
> Can I use also Nickel Metal Hydride AA bateries. They come in various
> versions of 1.2v and 1300-1600mAh. Which are correct to use with Rollei
> 3003?
The answer is no, you should not use NiMH batteries in the 3003, 3001 or SL2000F. In anticipation of your next question, you shouldn't use "high capacity" Ni-Cd's either, or alkalines.
The only batteries which are compatible with these cameras are regular Ni-Cd's rated at 600 mAh or so.
This information was given to me by Rollei staff.

As it happens, 600mAh NiCd's are quite cheap, and the camera even sounds happier with them.