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Re: [Rollei] 117 and 120 film (was Heidoscope)

>From: Dan Kalish
> > They originally were set up to use 117 film,
> > which is a half roll of 120.  During the war,
> > (WW2) it was easier to get 117 than 120,
> > so my father and I used 117 in Ikontas and
> > Rolleis.  No problem.  Even used it in my
> > Kodak Medalist.
>I beg to differ.  117 and 120 use different size spools.

Yes, but a 117-spool fits in a camera made for 120-film. 120-film can be 
used in a camera for 117-film IF the film chamber is large enough. The 
flanges of a 117-spool have the same diameter as a 620-spool.


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