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Re: [Rollei] External Power Supply - RESPONSE #2

on 1/14/02 4:21 AM, Reg Ronaldson at reg.ronaldson  wrote:

> One of the problems with ordering these kind of products is knowing what
> you are buying. Rollei don't seem to do a good catalogue. It would be a
> very expensive mistake if it was the wrong product. Several enquiries to
> UK Rollei dealers for an external power supply adaptor resulted in
> offers of an adaptor just to use the standard Rollei battery off camera
> which is not what I was asking about.

Rollei Germany has a product sheet on this stuff.  I can't locate it just
at the moment but I picked one up at photokina two years ago when the newest
version, which allows you to use regular lithium batteries to power the
camera, had just come out.