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Re: [Rollei] SL 66 flash sychronisation

on 1/14/02 6:55 AM, Sven Keller at keller.schaefer  wrote:

> I have read somewhere that the SL 66 flash synchronisation sometimes fails.
> I have never used my SL 66 with flash but checked whether it would work
> yesterday, just in case I might suddenly need it...
> Sadly, the flash did not fire with the cable attached to the x-socket (the
> m-socket did fire the flash).
> Is this likely to be caused by the flash switches (which I believe lie
> behind the shutter parts under the right cover) or has this to do with the
> sockets
> itself?

What speed did you try this on?  If you only tried 1/30, give it a try
at 1/15 and see.  These cameras have a tendency to no longer synch at
1/30 as they age, but usually still work at 1/15.  If it works at 1/15
you can use that indoors, or repair/replace the contacts.

The flash synch contacts were a poor design.  Rollei redesigned them at
least twice that I know of to solve this problem.  Sometimes you can get
them to work by bending them (what goes wrong is that they bend over time
until they no longer touch).  Better to replace them, though.  It is a
modular assembly, and as I recall you only need take out a couple of screws
to remove the module and solder a couple of wires.  Not a complex repair.
I've done it many times.  You may want to check with Rollei to see if they
still have new ones.