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Re: [Rollei] External Power Supply

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  from  Bob Shell <bob  > contains these words: 

> on 1/13/02 11:12 AM, Reg Ronaldson at reg.ronaldson  wrote:

> > Dare I say it but Leica seem much more ready with information than
> > Rollei..

> Who are the current Rollei distributors in the UK?  I've lost touch and the
> last I knew it was Newpro.

> Bob

I believe the current distributors are

Prisma (Europe) Ltd.
Priory House
Pitsford Street
Birmingham B18 6LX

Regarding the external battery situation I have come across two
solutions in the Club Rollei magazine. 

1) Part No. 98200 but I think this is just a remote holder for the
standard Rollei battery.

2) Part No. 30017 Power Interface + Part No. 30036 Battery Box.  I think
this is the one I was asking about which will take any power source.

If anyone has access to Rollei's price lists perhaps they could find
these parts?   

The prices I have seen quoted are for 1) 75 UKP and for 2) 180 UKP. I've
no idea if these prices include VAT tax.

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Reg Ronaldson <rronaldson  
Norwich UK