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Re: [Rollei] Heidoscope

Hi Patric:

> Why did you sell it? Are you saving for a Rolleidoscop? :-)
> I wish I had a stereo camera. Maybe I will buy a "Sputnik" or another cheap
> one and save for a Heidoscop/Rolleidoscop to buy later...

1  I found it inconvenient to cut film to size.

2  The viewfinder was too dark because the mirror needed re-silvering
and at that time I didn't know where to have it done.

3  Most importantly, my right eye has become so weak that I've lost the
ability to see 3D images unless the parallax is very great... as in a
pair taken with two cameras about 1 foot (30 centimeters?) apart.

Be careful with the Sputniks to make sure that you buy one with no light
leaks.  http://www.pauck.de/marco/photo/stereo/sputnik/sputnik.html
 Eric G. may have more to add on the Sputnik subject. 

Have you tried making stereo pairs of static subjects with the Rollei
device?  Or with a simple slide bar such as the Bogen or the Jasper? 

This man does medium format stereos:

You might want to join this for more stereo with Rollei and other medium
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Best Regards,

Jim Hemenway