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RE: [Rollei] External Power Supply

  from  "Ferdi Stutterheim" <ferdi   contains these words: 

> Reg,
> I had found a press release sheet about this part on their website some time
> ago. I have not been able to locate it once more. I remember that major U.K.
> suppliers were unfamiliar with the part. I suggest you send an e-mail to the
> factory.

> Ferdi Stutterheim,
> Drachten, The Netherlands.
> http://www.stutterheim.org

Hi Ferdi.

Yes I recall seeing something about this on their web site a while ago.
I did try e-mailing the factory but they just referred me to a UK
dealer. Even when I emailed the distributor in the UK they referred me
to a UK dealer.As you say the UK dealers where not at all familiar with
the part. I've not found Rollei that user friendly in the UK

Dare I say it but Leica seem much more ready with information than Rollei..

- -- 
Reg Ronaldson <rronaldson  
Norwich UK