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Re: [Rollei] External Power Supply for 3003

Hello Bob:

The official name for this back is "MAINS CONNECTION" for external power
supply from a covenient DC voltage source (mains power unit with 6 V +- 0.5/
4 A DC output).

Rollei Fototechnic GmbH   DEALER HANDBOOK lists this back as Extrenal Power
supply module cat # 207 060.

The back has the following inscription:
DC input ripple rejection equal or less 10mV
Voltage 6V +-0.5V
Current limited 4A
Attention to Polarity.

I have made several attempts over a dozen of years to find a ready power
supply in Canada without any success.

If someone could help me I would greatly appreciate it.

- -Dr. Adam Bujak

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> on 1/12/02 8:00 AM, Reg Ronaldson at reg.ronaldson  wrote:
> I don't have the Rollei part numbers.  There is what is basically a dummy
> battery with a mini-phone socket in the end.  You can plug an external
> battery holder into this with a cable.  In theory you can also hook up
> a mains adapter this way, but whether Rollei actually makes this part
> to be in question.  Certainly they did at one time.  I would suspect that
> an AC power supply from someone like Radio Shack could be made to work so
> long as the output voltage was right.
> Maybe someone on the list has actually done this.  I made an external
> adapter for my 3003 camera when I was using that system years ago, and it
> was all from off-the-shelf Radio Shack parts.
> Bob