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Re: [Rollei] Meter calibration; was metering with 3.5F tlr

Sorry, but there are no electronics in the camera or meter, apart from the
cell itself and the moving coil of the meter (not really electronic anyway).
the only adjustment screw is the one that controls the zero setting. This
screw moves the whole moving-coil/needle assembly relative to the meter display,
to align the needle in its balanced zero position. This screw does not do
anything to the linearity of the needle response so if you try to adjust the
needle to read correct for brighter lighting conditions it will inevitably read
wrong in lower light. The adjustment range of this screw anyway is too small
to cover the offset in brighter light.  
It is too bad that Gossen is unable to supply newly manufactured cells. With
thousands of F models still around it should be a business opportunity to
make their meters work properly again.

Sven Keller  

> The more recent models shows several marks on the meter scale which can be
> used to check the accuracy of the meter. I was wondering if there are any
> electronics inside the meter. I have read that each meter and cell came as
> set which are matched together. The most obvious way to do this is to
> change
> the response of the needle of the meter to match the current that the cell
> gives. If this is correct than it should be possible to adjust the meter
> electronics again to (partly) meet the different I-EV response of the
> defective cell.
> Does anybody know?
> Siu Fai

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