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Re: [Rollei] Which would you choose and why: 3.5T of Cord Vb?


     I was asking the same question about 8 months ago.  I got the T.
It's the way the EV coupling works on the T that I like.  It's a push/pull
arrangement for the aperture and releasing engages the link to the shutter.

     This is a great design, at least for me, as both focusing
and exposure settings are set with the left hand.  The right
hand winds and exposes.

     Also, the unique angle of the T's shutter release actually
allows the camera to be slightly further away from the
photographer, given the same length of cable release, than
the traditional Rolleiflex release which plunges toward the
body.  And of course, the Rolleicord's release is different still.

     I suppose these are small differences.


Rich Lahrson