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[Rollei] Re: which would you choose 3.5T or Cord

Good morning;

Without a doubt I would choose a Rolleicord Va or Vb or even a V over a
3.5T.  On choosing the Vb it would be because of the reliability factor.
I have owned several of each and quite frankly, the 3.5T were not
reliable under heavy steady use.  The advance mechanism of the Cord,
although slower, is simpler and much more rugged IMO.

Lenses on both are comparable as are the shutters. The "T" is more
ergonomic in use but it is not difficult to become accustomed to using
the Cord.  My standard MF hiking, landscape camera is a Cord Vb.

Image quality from either will blow the socks off 35mm if everything is
properly aligned.  A Cord Va or Vb with 16 exposure horizontal film mask
set is wonderful for landscapes.  The cameras are relatively light
weight, can be handheld at slow shutter speeds much better than an
eye-level camera and are quiet and unobtrusive for candid photography,
especially of children. 

This is only the opinion of one who owns and uses 4 Rolleicords and 2

I know it is not Friday, but, I do need another 16 exposure mask set for
a Rolleicord. 

Thanks, Mike Stoesz
Laramie, Wy.