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Re: [Rollei] Right back for 220 TLR?

> I've just got a 3.5F type 4 with built-in 220 option. But I notice there is no
> reference to 220 film inside the back- the two positions for the pressure plate
> say ...

here's what the F manual "220 insert" says:

Film Transport Mechanism for No 120 and 220 film

The lever next to the film counter window 
switches the film transport to either 12 ex- 
posures (No 120 roll film) or 24 exposures 
(No 220 roll film).

12 Exposures (No 120 roll film) 
Set the change-over lever to the stop so that 
the marking "12" on the knob is upright (1) 
[(1) referes to picture 1 showing No 12 up]

24 Exposures (No 220 roll film) 
1. Load the No 220 roll film in the usual way. 
   Keep the film pressure plate in the posi- 
   tion marked "6x6". 
2. Close the camera back. 
3. Now - and only now, with the film 
   counter showing No 0 - set the change- 
   over lever to the stop so that the marking 
   "24" is upright (2) 
   [(2) referes to picture 2 showing 24 up] 
4. Advance the film in the usual way for the 
   first 12 exposures. 
5. After the 12th exposure the crank blocks. 
   Bring the crank back into the rest position. 

   Move the change-over lever to bring the 
   "12" marking upright (1). This returns the film 
   counter to 0. press the release button (the 
   shutter does not operate). The crank is 
   now free to continue advancing the film. 
   6. Advance the film in the usual way for the 
   remaining 12 exposures. (The film counter 
   runs through from No 1 to No 12 again). 

   To check the number of unexposed frames, 
   subtract the number in the film counter 
   window from from the upright marking of the 
   change-over lever. 
   Resetting the film counter for the second 
   series of exposures results in a blank frame 
   in the middle of the film length. This provides 
   a convenient point for cutting the film in two 
   later on.