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Re: AW: [Rollei] Rollei Fototechnic Coded Numbering System

At 09:17 PM 11/26/01 -0500, Bernard Cousineau wrote:
>Are you sure about rule #1? By your example, your Rollei would have been
manufactured in a year ending with a (4+3=) 7, not 9. My SL2000F would have
been manufactured during the 21st week of either 1978 or 1988, which is
either 2 years before the
>"nullseries" or some time after I purchased it...
>(or perhaps I am getting the math wrong?)

Bernard, I think you have the system wrong -- I had to rethink it myself,
as I made the identical mistake you are making.

When Sven wrote, "Digit 1 plus 5 stands for the year of manufacture", he
meant, "Digit 1 plus Numeric 5" or "add the number 5 to Digit 1".  Thus,
with his 6008, body number 404330018, you take the first digit -- "4" --
and add 5, to produce nine.

Digits 4 and 5, less 20, are used to define the week of manufacture.  In
the case of Sven's camera, this would be "33" which, less 20, produces "13"
as the week of manufacture -- probably the week of 24 FEB 89 to 1 MAR 89, I



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