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Re: [Rollei] Rolleicord III

At 12:32 PM 11/26/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>Thanks to Gene, Todd, Richard U, and Ross! You all gave useful information!
>I took the front panel off, did some "dinging" (metal-working term using
>special hammers) to straighten the lower right corner where the cable
>release socket is. This socket had somehow been pulled out at some time or
>other, badly distorting the panel mounting flange, and had been cemented or
>epoxied back in. I re-swedged it back in, after the panel metal flattening,
>and after removing the cement. There was a brass shimming washer lying on my
>workbench after I removed the front panel, so I assumed it to have been a
>floating object that had fallen out of place during someone's previous
>reassembly. I used a straightedge to check alignment of the mounting ears
>against the 'whatever you call it' aluminum flange that is immediately under
>the front cover panel. I assume this to be a much more accurate alignment
>standard than the gap between the cover panel and the camera body, which, if
>cover panel is bent somewhat, can give a false indication of alignment. At
>any rate, this measure showed that the ears were out of alignment, and I
>shuffled the shimming washers around and achieved a pretty good alignment.
>Then I did the focus coincident alignment for the viewing lens. The taking
>lens and the focus knob were already in good alignment before I started this
>project, and I checked it again before aligning the viewing lens. I used
>Scotch double stick tape to remount the leather, after using a black felt
>tip pen around all the edges of the leather.
>    Now that I'm all done with it and ready to go out in the cold for some
>fun, I notice that the front panel doesn't remain parallel to the film plane
>during rack in/rack out with the focus knob. Like there is backlash in the
>linkage on the left (cable release) side. If I pull my lefthand fingers
>against the panel during rack in, the panel remains parallel (if it actually
>is parallel). But if I don't do this, the right side pulls in before the
>left side starts. Anyone know if this is wear, or is adjustable? I'm not
>really anxious to tear it apart again so soon, but if need be, what the
>heck. I'd rather do that than try to sing in some choir.
> pk
>> I seem to have the feeling that someone once said that there is a locking
>> screw that holds in lens assembly in place, but if there is, I don't know
>> where it is. Any
  Lack of parallelism could possibly be due to the focusing cams having
dried out grease or misadadjusted cam followers. They should be lubed with
fairly heavy grease. 
  Feel the focusing panel as you focus. It should not have any see-saw
action as its moved. 
  The absolute parallelism is achieved with shims between the ends of the
focus rack and the lens board. It can be measured using a plate of glass
lying on the rim of the lens. It should be absolutely parallel to the back
of the camera. Once established this won't change. 
  the front trim panel is separately shimmed and may not be quite parallel
to the camera front even when the lens board or carrier is. Shims are easy
to lose and someone in the past who disassembled the camera may have lost
one or more. 
- ----
Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA