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Re: [Rollei] 120 film containers

> The non-metallic
>cannisters enable you to walk thru the metal
>detectors with the film in your POCKETS.
>No-one knows that you have anything
>illegal, which you don't.  And you don't set
>off anything that would delay your journey.
>How can I make it more simple for you?

Alas, it isn't that simple.  The metal detector is only part of the problem.

Since you are carrying all this film in your pockets, even the most 
mediocre airport checkpoint person will note the bulges in your 
clothes, which will get you frisked.

At which point, the film will be sent through the x-ray machine by 
itself, to make sure there is nothing hidden in the spools.

Happened to me at Heathrow.  Ruined the film.

My advice is to buy one of the film shield products that touts itself 
to be CTX-5000 safe (that's the checked baggage scanner that will 
destroy all film), and check your film, and hope it gets to the other 
end.  Or maybe try to carry it on, and hope they are happy with a 
visual inspection after they x-ray it.

Other than that, ship it by a competent carrier, or process it where 
you shoot it.

We are back to Matthew Brady's day.

Tom Frank