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AW: [Rollei] Rollei Fototechnic Coded Numbering System

Here is what I got from Rollei regarding their numbering system:

Of the 9-digit coded number 
Digit 1 plus 5 stands for the year of manufacture (you have to guess the
decade! ;-)
Digits 2 and 3 reflect engineering levels - just like Ferdi noted.
Digits 4 and 5 minus 20 give the calendar week of the year of manufacture
Digits 6 to 9 stand for the sequential number of cameras built in that week.
So my 6008 prof. with the number 404330018 is the 18th camera produced in
week 13 of 1989 and has engineering level 04.
The above works for SLX/6000, SL2000F/3003/1, SL66E/X/SE but not for the

By the way, I sent an email to Rollei inquiring about this Friday 10 pm and
had an answer from the Service Manager Monday 7:30 am - not bad!

Sven Keller

>> To: rollei  us
>> Subject: Re: [Rollei] Rollei Fototechnic Coded Numbering System
>> >
>> > Do we know anything about Rolleis coded numbering system that
>> they now use
>> > for cameras?
>> >
>> > Sven Keller
>> >
>> > ...
>> Sven,
>> Just a little bit. The third digit from left seems indicate the version
>> number of the electronic print plate or so.

>> Ferdi Stutterheim,

>Well, I guess I have combined two things that are probably unrelated:

>Yes, the third digit in the serial number of a 6000 camera is the "Index".
>Yes, there are (at least) three versions of the main system-board, but they
>do not coincide with the "Index"-number.

>It is safe to say that a higher "Index" refers to a newer camera.
>We need "Index" number 3 or higher for the 4560 back (1996).

>Ferdi Stutterheim,
>Drachten, The Netherlands.

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