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[Rollei] NEW STUFF! GOODIES-Addendum-Make offers


The following were left with me to sell by the widow of a
photographer. They should be of interest to some of you.
The prices asked sure are dirt cheap!

Instruction manual for Rollei 134 REB/134B -------$10

Honeywell Tilt-A-Mite Flashgun. The best flash gun made
for the Rollei. Battery available at Radio Shack (#504)
Will take all small base bulbs. Has the superb H'well
cord that can adapt to any terminal, Leica, Rollei, ASA,
or PC ---------$15 

Rolleiflex- Lens Caps for front and back,for R35 SLR's New,sealed
(These are brand new, in factory packs)------$5 each
Kodak Master Photoguide-spiral bound book with many
additional data sheets, calculators,and formulas. This
edition included actual samples of Wratten filters---$5

Seller satisfaction guaranteed.

Contact me directly, per Marc's request\

Jerry Lehrer <jerryleh  >
6123 Soledad Mt Rd
La Jolla  CA  92037
(858) 459-6103