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RE: [Rollei] Rolleicopi, OK

> OK does it mean that there is no modification at all on the basic
> Rolleicord body ? "removable" : does it measn Rolleicord Vb only ? If
> so I'll change this accroding to your remark for the next FAQ release.

I don't have that thing but I'm sure you can use it with the T, F, Vb, E2
and E3. There is no modification required, just remove the hood and put it

Collectcamera in NL has the whole set on their list:
You can find pretty detailed pictures of it as well:
There you can see that you can just take the thing off and use it the camera
as regular Vb.

Some times ago, the Rolleicopi and the polaroid back was offert somewhere
here in the NL. I was not interested since film is no longer available
(AFAIK), and the Philips osciloscope we use has GPIB interface ;-)

Siu Fai