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Re: [Rollei] Infrared film for the Rollei

Hi Philippe,

The Rollei is ideally suited to IR since you do not have to look through
a lens with an almost opaque filter on it.

My favorite IR film (both 35mm and 120) is the new Maco 820c, made by a
company in Hamburg, Germany. It is less extreme than Kodak's IR film but
gives you more of an IR effect that the Konica or Ilford SFX films.
Check out:


The recommended filter is Heliopan 665 or 695, which yields a speed of 6
or 12. I know it is slow but anyway you are going to be using a tripod,
so it should be OK. You can also get nice images with a dark red (29)
filter. I am pretty sure all of these are available in Bay I mounts from
Heliopan (or their equivalents from B&W), or you can get an adapter so
you can use regular screw-in filters.

As for focusing, I usually do not worry about adjusting focus. There is
some formula out there for how much closer you need to focus with a
given distance and focal length, but if you stop down to f8 or smaller,
then it should not matter.

On my picture-of-the-week web site:


I have some examples of pictures shot with this film (35mm version).
Look at weeks 34 and 42.


Philippe Tempel wrote:

> What's up there guys?  I'm thinking of playing with
> infrared film in my Rollei TLR's ('Cord V and recently
> fixed and CLA'd 'Cord Vb).
> 1. Film and Development.  What's you favorite IR film
> and soup combo?  I see that Kodak HIE is not available
> in 120 roll size.  I have read that Konica is supposed
> to have some IR film in 120 format.  Also Ilford SFX
> 200 is supposed to be somewhat sensitive in the IR
> spectrum.  Are they still around?  The last time I
> looked for them at B&H, they were absent from their
> B&W film list.
> 2. Filters.  I'd maybe want to start with the Hoya R72
> if it's available in Bay I (wishful thinking, maybe).
> Else I'll have to suck it up and buy the more expensive
> B+W ones.
> 3. Focusing.  Most of the newer lenses have a red mark
> or line that helps you to correct for the shift in
> focus.  The older Rollei's unfortunately do not.  One
> photographer/shop owner told me that he compensates by
> about 10% on the focus as a rule of thumb.  How would
> you guys do it?
> Thanks and keep shooting! :-)

- --
Nathan Wajsman
Herrliberg (ZH), Switzerland

e-mail: wajsman@webshuttle.ch

Photo-A-Week: http://www.wajsman.com/indexpaw.htm
General photo site: http://www.wajsman.com/index.htm


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