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Re: [Rollei] Rolleicord III

On Thu, 22 Nov 2001, you wrote:
> I just bot a 'Cord III, cleaned the taking lens groups, the mirror, and the
> 2 external surfaces of the viewing lens. Then checked the focus against the
> taking focus, using the ground glass back. The focus doesn't match up very
> well, and I'd like to adjust the viewing lens to make it match. I tried
> turning the lens body, as is my 3.5F, but it wouldn't turn. I seem to have
> the feeling that someone once said that there is a locking screw that holds
> in lens assembly in place, but if there is, I don't know where it is. Any
> help out there?  Thanks!!

There is a locking screw.  To access it you need to remove the trim that
surrounds the lens board.  This involves removing the leather from the front,
then undoing the four screws which hold the trim in place.  Note you do not
need to remove the trim panel which surrounds the lenses, just the one around
the outside of the lens board.  Wind the focus out (i.e. set the focus to
minimum distance).  The screw will be obvious looking from the top (i.e.
looking in front of the viewfinder).

To set the focus use as high a magnification as you can reasonably find.  I use
a small 30x microscope.  Firstly use the ground glass back, and set the focus
knob to match.  Then adjust to viewing lens so that the viewfinder matches the
ground glass back.  Usually this adjustment is done at infinity, but I prefer
something a bit closer (I use 10m / 30 ft) as this allows me to focus past the
optimum point to confirm that I am at the optimum.

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Richard Urmonas
rurmonas  .au