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[Rollei] Rolleicord III

I just bot a 'Cord III, cleaned the taking lens groups, the mirror, and the
2 external surfaces of the viewing lens. Then checked the focus against the
taking focus, using the ground glass back. The focus doesn't match up very
well, and I'd like to adjust the viewing lens to make it match. I tried
turning the lens body, as is my 3.5F, but it wouldn't turn. I seem to have
the feeling that someone once said that there is a locking screw that holds
in lens assembly in place, but if there is, I don't know where it is. Any
help out there?  Thanks!!

Marc-- I can't recall whether you're interested in sr nrs of JSK lens users,
but in case yes, here is the stuff:
Body sr nr 1317179
Taking lens sr nr 3115833 (JSK xenar)
Viewing lens sr nr 244888  (Heidosmat 3.2)