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[Rollei] thin vs. thick films

This is a somewhat familiar issue to me, as there have been a number of
problems reported with the older Bronica series cameras with thin films
(e.g., some of Ilford's) and especially thicker films (the original Kodak
Tmax, since put on a diet so current stocks shouldn't be a problem). 

see http://people.smu.edu/rmonagha/bronnotes.html#tmax for related notes

these differences aren't small; Thom Bell suggested Tmax = 4.7 mil, vs. 
PXP = 3.6 mil, making the old Tmax too thick to spool as a 220 roll! ouch! 

from a posting by Bruce McLaughlin which also cites the Rollei issue...:

Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998
From: Bruce McLaughlin bmclaugh  
Newsgroups: rec.photo.equipment.medium-format
Subject: Re: camera gears vs. thick Tmax film problems?? thin film 

When TMAX first came out I believe I did have an occasional problem with 
my Hasselblad. But unless I'm mistaken, Kodak altered the base support 
thickness (made it thinner) and the current version of the films cause no 
problems for me. I've also used FP4 with never a problem. 

I seem to recall that one of the stated reasons why Rollei eliminated the 
film feeler rollers in the GX model was because it was felt the thickness 
of the newer films might cause a problem with the start of film sensing. 
That may be but I use many of the modern films in my old 2.8F camera with 
the film sensing rollers and have never had a problem so . . .