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RE: [Rollei] Automat mechanism. was: Can someone describe the Rollei 2.8 FX?

The choice to not fit the feeler mechanism is very simple.  As with most things
these days it is all based on profit.  The question boils down to:

With no feeler mechanism, the production cost = A, selling price = B, estimated
quantity sold = C => estimated profit (D) = C * (B - A).
Now we do a similar calculation for the unit with a feeler mechanism, with
estimated profit = E.

If E > D fit the feeler mechanism.
If E < D or even E approx the same as D, then do not fit the mechansim.

I am sorry if this has been discussed.  Between working long hours, and now
being at home with a flu / cold I have missed most of this thread.


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Richard Urmonas
rurmonas  .au