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Re: [Rollei] Can someone describe the Rollei 2.8 FX?

Well you are talking out of your hat on this one because I have adjusted these
mechanisms and you have not by the sounds of it. They can be adjusted to
accept a thinner stock, thus accommodating a wider range of films than they
were originally intended for. Your guessing is completely without substance,
the latter of which you usually insist upon. Proof is experience, which I have
on these matters and you do not.

As evidenced by the group consensus, the mechanism is reliable, as I am sure
Jerry has the experience with many Rollei TLRs over the years to confirm, as
do I. His dismissiveness of the fact is due to this experience and does count
for something when garnering a response.


Austin Franklin wrote:

> > If one is talking about the film thickness and the paper
> > backing then there might need to be an adjustment made to accommodate for
> > thinner film stocks of today .... maybe. But this is not a case
> > of reliability
> > - rather it is a case of adaptation to current standards.
> Not necessarily.  A mechanism typically has a "range" that it can work in,
> and I don't know that the mechanism can be adjusted to reliably work with
> the entire range of available films.  Possibly it can, I do not know...but
> just because it's adjustable doesn't mean it can be adjusted to accommodate
> a wider range.