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[Rollei] Restoring a Bayonet III Rolleipol

I read the info posted here recently on removing the separated Rollei
polarizer and replacing it with another.  

Here's a little of what I learned:  I picked up a Hoya 43mm Polarizer.  The
glass was easily removed by taking out a "snap" ring.  

The retaining ring in the rolleipol unscrews easily with a lens spanner
wrench (available from Micro Tools (formerly Fargo)  The glass in the
Rolleipol is bedded ("set") into a kind of black mastic ("gooey stuff").  I
cleaned that out and set the 43mm filter into fresh black caulk.  

The 43mm filter is just a smidge small.  I think next time I'd try a 43.5.
 I used a black silicone caulking compound to set the filter into.  Then,
as mentioned, the Hoya filter is thinner and the retaining ring won't screw
down into the Rolleipol enough to tighten against it.  

I used a 1-3/4 inch rubber O ("oh") ring  from the plumbing section of the
hardware store to act as a spacer.  

I think when the caulk dries, this will probably work. But! I could still
push the 43mm filter out the front of the Rolleipol even with the O ring in
place before the caulk dried.  

So I think my cobbled up job probably will be OK, but--again--I think the
43.5 mm filter for the Bayonet III Rolleipol would PROBABLY be a better fit.  

So, thanks for the tip!