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RE: [Rollei] Can someone describe the Rollei 2.8 FX?

> Austin
> Please read ALL the messages in a thread:  I posted the answer to
> the above
> more than 12 hours back.  The factory lost the F series tooling in their
> bankruptcy but managed to hold on to the T series tooling.  Thus,
> when they
> decided to bring out an updated TLR, it was Hobson's Choice as to which
> body to use as a base, and the Automat mechanism was gone, lost with the
> tooling, melted down for scrap somewhere or other.

Yes, I read that, Marc.  Thanks, but it wasn't the only answer to my
question.  That doesn't mean it couldn't have been adapted to the newer
camera, Christ, the cameras cost $2k plus!  It, plus the 12/24, would have
made the GX an exceptional camera, instead of just a great camera.  Nor does
it mean that others could not have used it after the patent expired (if it
was in fact patented).  This mechanism doesn't only apply to TLRs...it could
be used in any roll film camera.