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Re: [Rollei] "James Bond" Rollei TLR mad the movies

Or, speaking of Bond, there is the Rolleiflex in "From Russia with Love"
that contains the tape recorder.
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> At 11:42 AM 11/18/01 -0800, Richard Knoppow wrote:
> >  I also watched part of another Hawks film "The Big Sleep", with Bogart
> >and Bacall. The camera hidden in the statue is a Zeiss Super Ikonta BX.
> I'm kind of a Chandler fan, and I love this film -- though Dick Powell and
> James Garner make better Marlowes.  I hadn't noted that this was a BX and
> had thought it a Super Ikonta B, though.  You have better eyes (and often
> display a far more analytical mind!) than I.
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