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Re: [Rollei] 2.8F Differences

Wellll. Not that simple Marc. The early 2.8 Fs can be converted to full 12/24 by
complete overhaul and replacement of the transport wind mechanism. This
conversion will give the camera the 12/24 switch by the wind boss. 2.8 F, type 2
cameras came with and without the 12/24 switch by the wind boss. The cameras that
came without the switch could be simply converted to 220 by the addition of one
part and a new side panel that had the 12/24 switch. And of course there were
type 2 cameras that came fresh from the factory with the 12/24 switch installed.

For the early 2.8 Fs one could also convert the cameras to 12/24 by the strap
hanger switch. This was a replacement strap hanger for the (photographer's) right
hand strap hanger. This nifty piece had a second little lever, identical to the
back release lever, but was located just to the fore of the back release lever,
and was used to reset the counter after 12 exposures were taken. The straphanger
could also be fitted to the 'E' series of cameras giving them the ability to
utilize 220 film.


Marc James Small wrote:

> At 10:58 AM 11/17/01 -0500, Vick Ko wrote:
> >Can someone explain the differences in the 2.8F's?  I am referring to Type 1,
> >Type 2, etc?
> >
> >And what were the differences between the production years or series?
> >
> >Any better than others?  Any worse than others?
> Well, no 2.8F's are any better or worse than any others -- they just have
> different features.
> 2.8F, Type 1    no 12/24                1960-66 2400000 - 2442133
> 2.8F, Type 2,   factory 12/24           1966-81 2442134 - 2984999
> The Type 1 cameras could have add the 12/24 feature added, of course.
> It's that simple!
> Marc
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