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Re: [Rollei] 2.8F Differences

The 2.8 E can be fitted with the strap version of 12/24.

It can be fitted with a meter.

It might be possible to fit the 'E' with a different viewfinder base so that it
could then accept the prism finder.

I can check on the latter.


Coyneholum   wrote:

> Marc wrote:
> >"Both the 2.8E2 and E3 came with interchangeable hoods and both could be
> >fitted with the "T" type meter used on the regular 3.5E and 2.8E cameras.
> >Both cameras could be fitted with the earlier "strap-lug switch" version of
> >12/24."
> I'm especially interested in the 2.8E1 (that's the one I own). Can the E1 be
> modified  for 12/24, meter and prism viewer? Thanks.
> Tom