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Re: [Rollei] New member

This eye level mirror can only be used with the loupe in the down position
and covers only a part of the frame. Even in a crowd when you really need to
lift the camera I would rather turn the camera and hold it above my head. 
With the later finder versions with the 'sports finder' this becomes a
different subject. Then you do not use the eye level mirror to compose but only to
focus. You can easily follow the subject and compose through the sports
finder frame, then quickly check the focus through the mirror. This sports finder
is an underrated feature I think. I frequently use it - it is quite fast and
adds no extra weight as the prism would.

Sven Keller

> >From: Richard Knoppow <dickburk  >
> >   I'm not sure why you can't see much with the eye level mirror, it may
> >have become tarnished. It may also just be dirty.  There should be
> another
> >magnifying glass fixed to the rear as an eyepiece for the mirror.
> No, it's a konkave (sp?) lens and not a konvex one. I never use the eye 
> level mirror.
> /Patric
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