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Re: [Rollei] New member

At 03:35 PM 11/13/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>Ok, so explain how the self timer works.  It doesn't
>look like a button that you would push it.  What do
>you do?  Pull it out?
  Slide it sideways in the direction of the arrow just above it. That
starts it running. The timer runs for about 12-15 seconds and trips the
  The self timer will be wound again when you next wind the film. When it
isn't used it stays cocked so its always ready to use. You will feel just a
little more resistance from the crank when its being cocked. 
  Sometimes a self timer is better than a wire release for tripping the
camera without disturbing it. 
  I'm not sure why you can't see much with the eye level mirror, it may
have become tarnished. It may also just be dirty.  There should be another
magnifying glass fixed to the rear as an eyepiece for the mirror. 
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Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA