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[Rollei] SL35 "Voigtländer" Lenses

Rollei marketed two different families of these lenses:

The following are Zeiss designs rebadged as Voigtländer and produced, for
the most part if not totally, in Singapore:

2.8/25 Color-Skoparex
2.8/35 Color-Skoparex
1.8/50 Color-Ultron
2.8/85 Color-Dynarex
2.8/135 Color-Dynarex
4/135 Color-Skoparex
4/200 Color-Dynarex

The following Mamiya lenses were rebadged as Voigtländer:
3.5/14 Color F-Skoparex AR
4/21 Color Skoparex AR
2.8/28 Color-Skoparex AR
2.8/35 Color Skoparex AR
1.4/55 Color Ultron AR
2/50 Color Ultron 
2.8/85 Color Dynarex AR 
2.8/105 Color Dynarex AR
2.8/135 Color Dynarex AR
3.5/200 Color Dynarex AR
5.6/400 Color-Dynarex AR
8/500 Reflex Dynar AR

The following are rebadged Tokina lenses:
4/28-85 Vario-Skoparex AR
3.5-4.3/35-105 Vario-Dynar AR Macro
4/80-200 Vario-Dynar AR

Thus endeth the tale of the Voigtländer SL35 lens line -- and nary a real
honest-to-Johann-Christoph-Voigtländer lens in the lot of 'em!


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