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Re: [Rollei] SL35 lenses

At 10:35 AM 11/11/01 -0500, Bob Shell wrote:
>Nope.  Voigtländer branded lenses in Rollei mount are either Mamiya
>production or Rollei production from Singapore.  None came from Zeiss.


I have on the desk before me an M42 lens, a Carl Zeiss 4/135 Super-Dynarex.
 When the Zeiss Stiftung merged Voigtländer into Zeiss Ikon, a number of
former Voigtländer designs were rebadged as "Carl Zeiss" for use on the
Icarex line, some in Icarex BM and some in M42 for use on the Icarex TM
line.  I believe it was these lenses to which the earlier poster was

They are not, of course, badged as "Voigtländer".  It is not known whether
they were manufactured in Braunschweig or at Oberkochen.  The later
Rollei-produced "Voigtländer" lenses were all produced either at
Braunschweig or Singapore and are simply re-labelled Zeiss designs.


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