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Hi Marc!
     I got the first 10 digests 'cause it's raining here today.  I'd hope it
could be made searchable....so much info.

Marc James Small wrote:

> I finally figured out how to access the entire List history (well, all but
> the very first few messages) through the kind help of Brian Reid, our
> Computer Guru.
> To find out exactly what is available, send the following command to
> <majordomo    (NOTE:  This command goes to MAJORDOMO
> and NOT to the entire List!)
> index rollei-digest
> You will then receive an index of all of the Digests available, going back
> to May, 1996.  To receive a specific Digest, you then send the following
> message to MAJORDOMO at the same address:
> get rollei-digest v01/v01.n001
> The Rollei Digest is divided into volumes, while each Digest has a name
> which includes the volume number, so it is a tad confusing.  To get Volume
> 10, Digest 19, the command would be:
> get rollei-digest v10/v10.n19
> These Digests are not searchable.  If someone is really interested in doing
> the List a service, they will post all of these to a web site and will
> figure out how to render them searchable.
> http://lq.corenetworks.com/ seems to be completely gone now, while
> http://digistar.net/rollei only has the past 28 or 30 months in its holdings.
> Marc
> msmall    FAX:  +540/343-7315
> Cha robh bàs fir gun ghràs fir!