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Re: [Rollei] Rollei XF35 and Voigtlander VF135

Dear folks,

I own a VF 135. It takes brilliant sharp photos, and the exposure meter is 
quite accurate. The price I paid of appr. ? 30 is a shame for the quality 
of the lens although the mechanics of the camera are quite junky. However I 
have a problem with the focus:

The rangefinder meter was de-adjusted, so with the help of our beloved list 
members I found the two screws under the leatherette for vertical and 
horizontal adjustment.
As I don't have an autocollimator available I did fix an object far away 
through the range finder and turned the screws in order to adjust the two 
split images to one image when the focus ring at the lens was at 
"infinity". So now I obtained a perfect range finder image exactly when the 
focus ring came to the infinity stop.

However, after having looked to the first developed rolls of film I have 
the impression, that close objects (appr. 3,5 ft distance) taken with full 
open aperture are not as sharp as they could be. The impression is, that 
the plane of focus of  these objects was a little bit more far away. 
However, after checking the infinity stop of the lens ring, that one 
complies perfectly with the range finder images. So, can someone give me 
advise how to readjust the rangefinder? Or is there another screw which 
adjuts the distance of the lens from the plane of film?


Dirk-Roger Schmitt

At 21:21 06.11.01, you wrote:

> > From: Marc James Small <msmall  >
> > Reply-To: rollei  us
> > Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2001 14:57:21 -0500
> > To: rollei  us
> > Subject: Re: [Rollei] Rollei XF35 and Voigtlander VF135
> >
> > See Prochnow 732  -- the XF35/VF135 had a Copal shutter, as did the F/Flash
> > 35, AF, AFM, and the 35 RF/VF35.
>Marc, you should know by now that I don't consider Prochnow the final
>authority on this stuff.  I've repaired the XF35 cameras and don't recall a
>Copal shutter being in them.  The rest of those may well have Copal shutters
>since they were not built by Rollei but farmed out to Japanese makers.