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Re: [Rollei] springs and tension


Your assumption about springs is too often correct, but a really good
spring should not be affected by being left in a stressed state.  That
is, they will not stretch out, or flatten out, or whatever.  They should
stay pretty much as they were made, just about forever.  Any spring that
doesn't is either incorrectly designed, made, used, or all three.


Matthew Smith wrote:
> I?ve always operated under the assumption that, when left idle for long
> periods of time, springs should NOT be left in their tensioned position.
> For this reason, I try not to advance my cameras if I?m going to put them
> down for a while.
> Now I learn that in order to retract the lens on a Rollei 35, one has to
> wind the film advance, thus cocking the shutter, first.  Does this imply
> that during periods when I?m not using it, I should store the 35 with the
> lens in its extended position and the lens uncocked?  Or is my operating
> assumption about springs wrong?  I have no experience inside a camera, and
> no pride of ownership with respect to my assumption.
> Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
> -Matthew
> matthewmsmith  
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