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[Rollei] springs and tension

I?ve always operated under the assumption that, when left idle for long 
periods of time, springs should NOT be left in their tensioned position.  
For this reason, I try not to advance my cameras if I?m going to put them 
down for a while.

Now I learn that in order to retract the lens on a Rollei 35, one has to 
wind the film advance, thus cocking the shutter, first.  Does this imply 
that during periods when I?m not using it, I should store the 35 with the 
lens in its extended position and the lens uncocked?  Or is my operating 
assumption about springs wrong?  I have no experience inside a camera, and 
no pride of ownership with respect to my assumption.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

- -Matthew

- -

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