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Re: [[Rollei] Rolleisoft]

Both R'softs should be used at full aperture for maximum effect (f2.8 or
f3.5). The R'soft 1 can be used up to f5.6. According to the accessories guide
(electronically at
http://people.smu.edu/rmonagha/mf/rollei/pa_5401_991002.pdf), you should be
able to see the effect with the ground glass. I bought a R'soft 1 recently
(but haven't tested it yet), and I agree with you that you really can't tell
much through the ground glass...

Rich Lahrson <tripspud  > wrote:
> Hi,
>      I've just received the Rolleisoft 1 in Bay I.  I've never used an
> softener.  This is the stronger of the two, the other being Rolleisoft O
> I'm waiting for to arrive.  Putting the Rolleisoft 1 on the viewing lens
> seem to do much to the groundglass image besides lessen contrast, but,
> of course, you can't see fine detail on a groundglass.
>      Holding the Rolleisoft at an angle to the light, however, reveals a
> sharp flaring of the light.  Also, the very center appears clear, without
> a circle.  Does the effect vary with the aperture?  What is the effect of
> the Rolleisoft on spectral highlights?
>      Traditionally,. these were used and are still used for portraiture. 
> I'm thinking these might produce interesting images with infrared film,
> as the contrast of infrared is often too harsh.
>                                                         Cheers,
> Lahrson
> tripspud  

Mike Bischof
Phoenix, AZ

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