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Re: [Rollei] Film Safety Warning

I suspect that fear of "radiation" hysteria has a large roll in the 
decision too.  If you look at SureBeam's site (they make the systems the 
USPS is buying or leasing at the moment) you will see they make a big deal 
about the fact that they do their magic with no radiation.  Forget the fact 
that when the gamma rays are gone they are gone.  Just more of the hooey 
that keeps us from developing new nuclear power generating systems.  It is 
really annoying that public policy is driven by the fears of the uninformed.

Best Regards,
David Seifert

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> > Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 15:21:43 +0000 (GMT)
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> > Isn't this all a bit of an over-reaction? The number of people who've 
> actually
> > died is statistically irrelevant, to quote someone on the list. I don't
> > remember such measures in place when the IRA were sending letter bombs. Any
> > x-raying etc took place at the recipient's  place (as it still does to this
> > day). The knock-on effect to the US economy could be horrendous if it 
> was not
> > possible to ship electronics etc.
>I have to agree that it is an over-reaction.  There are ways to
>decontaminate mail without destroying the contents.  Those electron beam
>machines are probably made in some powerful Senator's back yard.  That's
>the only reason the FAA went with film destroying x-ray units for checked
>baggage when there were film-safe ones that tested just as efficient.
>Politics as usual, I'm afraid.