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[Rollei] Rolleisoft


     I've just received the Rolleisoft 1 in Bay I.  I've never used an optical
softener.  This is the stronger of the two, the other being Rolleisoft O which
I'm waiting for to arrive.  Putting the Rolleisoft 1 on the viewing lens doesn't

seem to do much to the groundglass image besides lessen contrast, but,
of course, you can't see fine detail on a groundglass.

     Holding the Rolleisoft at an angle to the light, however, reveals a
sharp flaring of the light.  Also, the very center appears clear, without
a circle.  Does the effect vary with the aperture?  What is the effect of
the Rolleisoft on spectral highlights?

     Traditionally,. these were used and are still used for portraiture.  But
I'm thinking these might produce interesting images with infrared film,
as the contrast of infrared is often too harsh.