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[Rollei] 12/24 and 120/220 and Rolleiflex TLR's

The camera BD Colen queried about was mine.  It is a 2.8F, Type 1, which I
had Harry convert to 12/24 some years ago.  I haven't used it as such in
several many months, and I have forgotten the precise methodology to be
used.  (Yes, Jerry, it has the switch near the strap lug.)

Shoot the first 12 exposures.  Then, do you 

a)  flip the switch and advance and press the shutter release


b)  advance the film, flip the switch, and THEN press the shutter release?

I believe it is one or the other.

This is a serious question and I really ought to know the answer -- but my
mind is blank and I cannot find Harry's instructions.


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