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Re: [Rollei] 120/220

The following was posted here several months ago.  I have the #1
modification.  Look just in front of the right back hinge pin, just back of
the strap clip.  There might be a little button there that can be slid
forwards.  If it is there, it should be moved forwards after the #12
exposure.  You will then hear a click or clunk and the counter will reset to
'0' (zero).


There are three conversion systems available

1.- the switch by the strap clip is available for almost all 3.5 and 2.8
cameras except T and GX (and all them crappy Magics - I am now open for
flaming) - Still available for about 100 bucks
2.- the gut and replace transport mechanism kit available only for the
cameras that do not already have the 12/24 bump on the crank side.
Sometimes available for about 200 bucks
3.- the 12/24 kit for the cameras that have the 12/24 bump on the crank
side. As far as I know this is no longer available, although some New Old
Stock kits may still be floating around.

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> Help! A Newbie question - I know, I know, there's probably an answer in
> the archives somewhere, right? Well, bear with me and give me a 'live'
> answer..
> Just acquired a 2.8f that has been converted to 120/220. It's my
> understanding that to use 220, I shoot the first 12 frames....then what?
> Is there some sort of button somewhere to go onto the next 12?
> Sorry to be so dense.
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