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[Rollei] Macophot/Efke (was: 46 mm film, if = 127, color exists

>From: ll.clark  
>    bigler  said:
> >Check "Film For Classics" http://www.filmforclassics.com/
>...but be prepared for "sticker shock" [much higher than expected

I know what you mean...

Macophot films are more interesting. http://www.mahn.net/Frameset.htm

They sell their b/w UP100 in 127-size. 10 rolls for DM 78.- (around $39)

Hey! If you want to have a "price shock", take a look at their new (?) UP25 
film! DM 52.- or $26 for ONE SINGLE ROLL IN 120-size!!!!! :-O

...and they don't have an ytechnical information about this film, so who can 
be interested in buying it? I guess many of us are looking for low speed 
films that can replace APX25, but this is silly!

I use to buy Efke R25 and R50 in 120 nowadays when I want low speed films. I 
love them! The R50 is my favorite film. It's easy to make 30x40 cm prints 
whith this film without visible grain. :-)

Their R100 is grainy compared to the newer T-grain films like Tmax and 
APX100, but is much easier to use and develop. I compared it with APX100 
when I tried a couple of developer recipes, and I found that R100 was much 
easier to print when it was under- and over exposed a couple of steps when 
APX100 instead fast went too low or high in contrast. I'm no expert, but I 
guess they would talk about diagrams and curves. :-)

I've heard that R100 works great with pyro developers like PMK.

Another film I want to try is the Macophot Ort25 in 120. An ortochromatic 
film with extremely fine grain. It's red-blind and must be developed in a 
low-contrast developer. I have lots of pyrocatechol at home, so I can 
experiment to find the right developer for this film.

Ort25 can give results that looks like the photos from the 1880's or so. :-)

Macophot UP64c is also an interesting film I want to try. The "c" is for 
clear base, and it can be used for reversal development to get nice 
transparents. At 50 Asa it can be used as a normal low-speed film.

Not expensive either; 10 rolls for $26


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