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Re: [Rollei] 46 mm film, is-it 127 size ?

>From: bigler@ens2m.fr
> > Hello! I'm asking again: Does anyone know what films one can buy in
> > 46 mm? /Patric
>If you mean : 127-size film for, say, the Baby Rollei 4x4, I think the
>only kind of film you can find is B&W. If by "46 mm film" you mean
>something else than 127 size film, please disregard this

I just learned that kodak made Vericolor III and Portra in 46mm long rolls. 
I don't know for what type of cameras they were made for, but the 
unperforated film could be cut to be spooled on 127-film spools.

It seems that 46mm long rolls are not made any more by kodak. :-/

I found this auction on eBay: 

I know about Efke and Jessop. They are the same film, made by Fotokemika in 
Croatia. There's also Macophot UP100 in 127-film. I think this is made in 
Germany, but I'm not sure. Haven't tried this film though.

The conclusion is that there are only TWO b/w films available in 127-size, 
and both are 100 Asa.

Fotokemica once made their superb R17 (today R50) in 127, but that was at 
least 15 years ago. I would love to see this film being made again, or maybe 
another film with a lower speed plus a 400 speed film.


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