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[Rollei] Metal Eveready Case Types

Hello Fellow RUGgers,

Is anyone out there collecting the metal eveready cases for the Rollei TLRs?  
I have not found much info about these in the literature.

In my experience there are at least three designs: 1- is uniformly boxy;  2- 
is similar but with a dimple to accomodate the knob on the right side of the 
Rolleicord;  and 3- is similar to #1 but narrower (11cm) for cameras without 
the meter in the focussing knob.

I own #1 and #2 but I have been unable to locate #3 or a comparison of the 
various types.

Is there someone who could point me in the right direction to seek out the 
answers to this compelling topic?!  I thank you.

Vincent L. Gookin