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Re: [Rollei] Do I Have a Wajsman Camera to sell you! Quality Galore!

At 08:24 AM 10/21/01 +0200, Nathan Wajsman wrote:
>Presumably the Scherin company was considering closing the Voigtländer works
>because the operation was losing money. Why close a profitable operation?

ARGH!  Voigtlander was, at the least, breaking even at this time:  Schering
was losing money hand-over-fist from their pharmaceutical operations.  ALL
drug companies, world wide, were slugged dramatically in the wake of the
end of World War II and ALL German companies, bar none, were struggling in
1945 until the early 1950's.  Schering sold off all of its subsidiaries at
this time to concentrate on its core business of drugs.  The Zeiss
Foundation served as a savior on the camera-and-optics front;  other
companies picked up the other pieces.  Schering survived, of course, and is
today one of the world's major drug companies.

Voigtlander was NOT going to be "closed" -- Schering just did a fire sale
on all their non-drug assets.


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