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[Rollei] <sigh> Pete JUST cannot get it right!

At 07:50 AM 10/19/01 -0700, Kotsinadelis, Peter (Peter) wrote:
>Hang on to your
>Leica mark, one day it too will be owned by a Japanese optical/camera
>company much like Voigtlander 

Voigtländer is certainly NOT "owned by a Japanese optical/camera company".
Voigtländer assets were divided in the early 1970's between two German
firms -- the optical stuff went to Zeiss, the camera stuff to Rollei.  The
Voigtländer name, owned for almost a decade by Rollei, passed to a German
firm in 1980 and is now owned by Ringfoto, a German concern in all regards.

Cosina merely licenses the name.  There is absolutely no connection between
Voigtländer and Cosina other than the licensing of the name, legally proper
but morally questionable.


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