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Re: [Rollei] bright screens

The Maxwell screen should brighten things up by about three stops.  It is a
dramatic improvement.  I installed one in my MX-EVS.  The flip up magnifier
is necessary for screen focusing, in most instances, unless you have superb
eyesight.  Even then, you would want the magnifier for critical focusing.
For candid work I assume you might need to use zone focusing.  You would
still have the advantage of the large waist-level screen.   Maxwell does
have screens available with central focusing aids but I still think the
preceding statements would apply.  Bill Maxwell advised me that several
people told him the focusing aids worked best with the eye-level prism
finder.   I have owned an M4 Leica in the past and the
rangefinder/viewfinder is a whole other animal.  They are great for quick
street shots.  I find the major advantages of my Rollei is the 6cm negative
and "ground glass" composition .  Almost all my current photography is
portraiture and landscapes.  However, there are some on this list who do
very successful street photography and photojournalism with their


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Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2001 3:22 AM
Subject: [Rollei] bright screens

> I recently obtained an Old Standard Rolleiflex and have used it several
> times.  I use normally a Leica M2, and I'm struck by how dim the
> focusing screen is on the Rollei.  I find the Rollei focusing slower
> than the M2 (because of the dimness of the screen and having to use the
> magnifier), and it's harder to watch facial expressions through the
> viewfinder and work the shutter when the right one appears.
>     It must get better than this.  I read about the Rollei as being good
> for street and candid photography.  At first blush it seems an advantage
> to be able to snap without having the camera up at your eye.  How much
> do these Maxwell and Beattie bright screens help things?  Are these
> screens made for the Old Standard?  Do I need to buy the new G model
> Rollei (Expression), or is its screen just as dim?
>     Unless I get better accustomed to the screen I may just use the
> camera for landscapes.
>     Thanks for any help.
> Lee England
> Natchez, Miss.