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Re: [Rollei] Mercury Batteries

Small shops here still have new old stock on the shelves, larger chain 
stores however have an irregular supply. None of them seem to know, me 
neither, that it is illegal to sell them.   

The 675 fits e.g. into a Minox BL, but is mainly a standard size for 
hearing aids. Although mercury 675s are no longer made, zinc-air 675s 
are easily available from pharmacists or hearing aid specialists, and 
are much cheaper than zinc-air 625s. 

675 buttons fit into many devices made for 625 buttons, all those with 
metall screw-in battery covers. Screw-in the cover a little bit deeper 
and it works. I use 675 1.4V buttons in my Rollei 35S and Leicaflex SL. 
The 0.05 V off compared to a PX625 seems to be irrelevant. 

Owners of a Rollei 35SE or A110 may use adapters from Minox, made for 
their C, LX and EC submini cameras, taking four S386 1.5V buttons.