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Re: [Rollei] Rollei 35S. Exposure meter.

There are no electrical contacts inside a 35 or 35S (NOT SE or TE) that 
could be cleaned. The movement of the meter needle is independent from 
any dial setting. The accuracy of the meter depends on the constant 
voltage of the PX625 battery (and on how well you point at what you are 
metering). I don't know how (bad) a 35 behaves with a replacement 
alkaline cell but I would first check for the correct mercury cell.  
Apart from that, everything else requires a look inside the camera. I'd 
guess there is a mechanical defect in the linkage between 
speed/aperture dials and the pointer in the meter window that makes the 
pointer act non-linear. I don't think the meter needle would, with the 
proper battery fitted. 

Sven Keller 

  Roger Wiser schrieb:
> Hi Jose,
> I have a 35S too. In a previous 35S, I had a meter was 
> sluggish but never 
> overactive like yours! It,  of course, could be your cell 
> but I wonder if 
> electrical contacts on the "f" or "speed" dial are 
> working at all settings. My 
> S's meter  seems intermittent a certain setting's  that 
> lead me to believe that 
> the contacts need cleaning.  I never took it apart to 
> look at or clean it (or 
> do I intend to!) It will be interesting to see what other 
> S owners may say. 
> Yours, and mine, may be a job for Fleenor.
> Roger
> JOSE ROYO wrote:
> > Hi everybody,
> >
> > I've got a Rollei 35S Singapore made whose meter seems 
> to go mad when it's 
> > sunny. In such conditions and 100ASA film, the meter 
> shows f22 and more. If 
> > I follow the meter indications the picture results 
> dark. In less shining 
> > conditions the camera and its meter work fine.
> >
> > Does anybody know a solution? Is it a manufacturing 
> problem or a damage? 
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Jose Royo
> > Logrono (La Rioja)
> > Spain